The Most Magical Holiday

Hello Beauts! 

Last week I was lucky enough to celebrate my 22nd birthday in the most magical place on Earth, Disneyland!! My boyfriend and I spent 2 nights in Disneyland Paris and had the most incredible time! I wanted to share my experience of our trip which may help you if you plan on going there.



Our Hotel..

We stayed at the Disney New York Hotel and as soon as we arrived it felt like stepping into a real New York hotel! The staff were dressed in proper New York hotel style uniforms, they had the big trolleys to take our suitcases and the reception area had big New York style décor. The rooms were a little old fashioned and the corridors felt like a maze with dim lighting but it didn’t matter as we were in Disneyland! The New York hotel is to be refurbished this year and turned into a marvel theme which is a little disappointing as I love the New York theme. The bathroom had mini shampoo and body wash bottles with a mickey mouse lid and the bar of soap even had a mickey mouse imprint!


The Magical First Moments..

For me, one of the best parts of Disneyland is when you first walk in. It is such a magical feeling. The first sight you see is the beautiful Disney Hotel. There’s beautiful fountains and Disney music playing and it feels like you’re stepping into a fairy tale. Then once you’re past the hotel you enter the Disney park and see the beautiful sleeping beauty castle ahead. I find this to be the most magical moment!



Mainstreet USA..

I absolutely love all the shops along Main Street that lead to the magical castle. They’re all so beautiful and filled with so many incredible Disney gifts. I loved looking in every shop and discovering so many different Disney things. I knew one of the things I would have to buy was a giant Minnie Mouse and my boyfriend spoilt me by buying me one for my birthday! In the Disney village there was a Disney Fashion shop which had so many uniquely designed t shirts and fashion pieces. I found some gorgeous Minnie Mouse ears which had pink flowers on them. There are a lot of Minnie/Mickey Mouse ears sold around the park, its always nice to find some unique ones! I never saw anyone else wearing the same ones as me!


Pay Attention to Detail..

There is so much attention to detail within the parks. If you go then look at everything! The lampposts had Tinker Bell on them, the flowers and hedges were shaped like characters and the window displays were so beautiful filled with Disney film themes! Everywhere you look was just so incredible and simply stunning!



The Rides..

Of course when it comes to Disneyland you’ve gotta go on some rides! Me and my boyfriend aren’t a huge fan of rollercoasters so we only went on one which I think was the biggest and most popular and that was Thunder Mountain! The queues for every ride was pretty long so if you do go and wanna go on many rides then you’ve gotta get in as early as possible! We had to queue for over half hour for Thunder Mountain and the queue could go up to over an hour! We were pretty nervous about Thunder Mountain but it was so much fun! Definitely worth a go on! We also went on a lot of  boat rides such as It’s A Small World and Pirates of The Caribbean. The queues for them are a lot smaller and tend to take no longer than 10 minutes to get onto. There is also a train which takes you around the park and that’s worth a ride because as we went on there we discovered parts of the park we hadn’t seen.


Meeting the Characters.. 

You cannot go to Disneyland without meeting some characters! If you’re like me, and a big kid when it comes to Disney, then you need to book the breakfast with the characters! We did this on my birthday and it had to be the best part of the holiday! I was more excited than the kids there! As soon as I saw the characters walk in I was so excited especially when I saw Mickey Mouse because it was my birthday wish to get a picture of me, my boyfriend and Mickey Mouse! I got to hug all the characters and get pictures with them! Doing breakfast with them is a lot easier because they come round to everyone’s table and take time doing pictures and autographs saves the hassle of queueing for ages out in the park! We did, however, queue for the Disney Princesses because I really wanted to meet them and the queue was over an hour.. it was inside the Princess Pavilion and we thought we’d be meeting all of them but turned out only to be Princess Aurora a.k.a Sleeping Beauty. It was a little disappointing after queueing so long but we got to have a chat with her and have lots of pictures! The next day we also spotted Snow White doing a meet and greet and the queue was really short so I didn’t hesitate in queueing for that!




The Shows on Stage..

The last thing I want to talk about is the little shows that were put on. There was a stage next to the castle and as Disneyland are celebrating 25 years this year they were doing a big show with Micky and friends. It’s definitely worth a watch, the characters were singing and dancing then all pose together at the end for pictures. Another show was the Princess Ball which was my favourite! It was all the Princesses on stage dancing dressed in their beautiful ball gowns then the Princes came on stage at the end! It really was a beautiful fairy tale scene.



There is so much more I could talk about but I think this post would end up being far too long! So I’m going to have to end it there. I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope I’ve inspired you to want to go to Disneyland because thinking back on it all I really would love to go back! Me and my boyfriend had the best time and you don’t even have to be a huge Disney fan to enjoy being there.

Thank you for reading!


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4 thoughts on “The Most Magical Holiday

  1. Aww, looks like you really enjoyed it. I will take note of your tips if my daughter ever gets her wish to go there granted!
    Tracy @bloggerbythesea x

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