What’s in my Bag?

Hey there! 

I recently purchased a handbag from Boutique of Molly and fell in love! I had a hard choice deciding which one to buy as I absolutely loved all of them but I opted for this gorgeous pink one because pink is my favourite colour and its the perfect summer colour!


I love bags like this as they are so easy to keep your essentials in and don’t require a full hunt through your bag because they are small and practical. I’m not one for a big handbag so for me this is the perfect size.


So what’s inside my bag? 

As I only use small bags I don’t tend to keep a lot of rubbish in my bag, I like to just keep the essentials. Firstly, of course my purse. I love Ted Baker purses and got a cute pink small one (as pictured in the photo below) however I recently purchased a gorgeous Minnie Mouse purse from Disneyland last week which I have now been using.

I also carry a small fold up hairbrush (which is the round Minnie mouse object pictured below) something like this is essential to me as I have long hair and a small fold up hairbrush is easy to keep in your handbag. You never know when you might need it!

Being as its now summer I always keep my sunglasses in my bag. I find even on cloudy days I like to wear sunglasses because even those days it can be too bright! I wear subscription sunglasses as I have to wear glasses all the time which is a little disappointing as I would love to be someone that has loads of pairs of sunglasses for every outfit! 

I keep a small tin of Vaseline in my bag as you never know when you might need that too. I don’t often use Vaseline but at times it helps with dried out spots…gross I know!

Also I keep a small hand cream in my bag. In my job I always have to wash my hands and my hands can get quite dry, particularly in the winter months. When I recently got my nails done the nail bar was selling O.P.I lotion and I hugely recommend this hand cream as it is amazing!! It smells incredible and keeps your hands hydrated for 24 hours!

My job can also cause you to get super hot! (I’m a care worker) So I keep a roll on deodorant in my bag as there’s nothing worse than smelling bad especially during the summer months when its very warm!

One thing I can’t go without is my headphones! I love listening to music when I’m walking down the road so I always make sure to keep them in my bag!

Lastly Paracetamol! You really never know when you’re going to suddenly get a headache. Super cheap to buy so I make sure I keep some on me at all times.

If like me, you fell in love with this bag then make sure you check it out at Boutique of Molly and check out there other beautiful products! If you are interested in purchasing any products then you can get 20% off using my code: PRINCESS20 (all in capitals)

Thank you for reading!

Beauté Princess

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