Reviewing June’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box – Part 1

Hello Beauts! 

So, of course I received my June Look Fantastic Beauty Box at the beginning of the month. I usually do a first look post but I didn’t get time to do one this month so I’m just gonna do my review on each product. In this post I’m gonna share my experience on the first 3 products I have tested.


June’s Box

Let me start by talking about the box this month as I really loved this one. The past couple I’ve received have just been plain coloured ones but June’s Box is a special edition with products from first-time brands. I love the blue water colour print and definitely will be keeping this box to store some products in. One thing that disappoints me with Look Fantastic boxes is their boxes always seem so plain compared to other beauty box companies so it was nice to receive one with a little bit of a different look to it. This month’s products are all about the summer season focusing on hydration and luminosity.


Studio 10 – Liquid Foil I-Radiance 

First up I received a gold glitter liquid eye shadow which is said to be long-lasting and blends seamlessly on your eyelid. When I first saw this product I was quite interested as I love any glitter makeup products. I thought it was a lip product as there was nothing on there to say it was eyeshadow until I read the Look Fantastic Beauty Box magazine. I’ve never tried a liquid eye shadow before and to be honest it wasn’t a product I think I’d be buying. It’s very subtle on the eyelid and didn’t stand out much. I read in the magazine to blend it with a brush or your finger so I tried with my finger and it just ended up wiping off half the product. It’s nice if you want a subtle glitter look and perhaps would be better applied over other eyeshadow.
IMG_4084-2 IMG_4087-2

Had a bit of trouble finding this product online to add a link!

Mádara – SOS Hydra Moisture + Radiance Mask

This product is said to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin and leave it smooth, toned and youthful. It says to apply to cleansed skin and leave on or wipe off after 15-20 minutes. I massaged it into my skin and found it to soak in so I chose to leave it on as there wasn’t much point in wiping it off. It certainly hydrates the skin as it left my skin hydrated the next morning. I’ve received a few moisturisers through these beauty boxes and tested many and for me I don’t really need to use them as I have oily skin instead of dry skin but as a moisturiser I think this product does work really well.


Buy it Here

Elemis – Superfood Facial Wash

So far this product has to be my favourite! I absolutely love facial washes and love the way they leave my skin feeling afterwards and this one certainly didn’t disappoint! This product is made with wheatgrass, kale and nettle and you can certainly smell the ingredients when applying it. I massaged it into wet skin then rinsed off and it left my face feeling beautifully smooth! My face looked fresh and bright and I will definitely continue to use this facial wash!

Buy it Here

Thank you for reading!

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